Summer is a season of fun, and Paul’s has everything you need, all in one stop.

Our Fruit and Vegetable stand is our biggest draw during the summer. Paul started selling fruits and vegetables on this property over 50 years ago and the tradition is ongoing.  Now that Paul has retired, Dan, his son, has taken over the chore.  Every morning he hops in the truck and heads to local farms or up to the Regional Market in Hartford.  Because he is there everyday, he has the inside scoop on what is fresh and what’s been around a while.  He also deals with many of the same local farmers that Paul did for so many years.  A lot of the items we sell are native, grown right here in Connecticut.  Some are even grown right in South Glastonbury!  Our quality is unmatched and our quick turn-around time ensures fresh product.

For those of you who own a Pool or Hot Tub, we carry a full line of pool chemicals including Ph plus, Ph minus, Algaecide, Clarifier, Shock, Chlorine, DE, Filter Sand and more!

Our Nursery is always stocked with great looking annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees, even through Labor Day! Our best seller is our pre-potted patio pots.  They will instantly spruce up any corner of your yard, patio, pool deck or stoop.  Pick one or two up before your big summer party and all your guests will think you have a green thumb!  We won’t tell!