When the temperatures drop and the ground freezes over our houseplant haven is like a tropical paradise. You’ll find an ever-changing inventory of favorites and unique… Follow us on social media to keep up with the latest inventory.

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How green is your thumb?

How green is your thumb?

Whatever you comfort level when it comes to houseplants, we can make recommendations for your success. Here’s a small sampling of our favorites.


These plants are very forgiving. With a little guidance from our staff and a little love from you, these plants are real confidence builders for the indoor gardener just starting out.

Snake Plant
Snake Plant (Sansevieria) is a resilient and popular indoor plant with long, upright leaves that resemble the shape of a snake. It is valued for its ability to purify the air by removing toxins and its remarkable tolerance to low light conditions. With its striking appearance and easy maintenance requirements, the snake plant is a favored choice for adding greenery and enhancing air quality in homes and offices.
Golden Pothos
Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is a versatile and beloved trailing houseplant. It features heart-shaped leaves with variegated patterns of golden yellow and green. Golden Pothos is highly adaptable and can thrive in a wide range of light conditions, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced plant enthusiasts. With its cascading foliage Golden Pothos is a popular choice for hanging baskets or as a trailing plant on shelves and mantels.
Spider Plant
Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is a charming and resilient indoor plant that is cherished for its cascading green and white striped leaves. It gets its name from the spider-like appearance of its small plantlets that dangle from arching stems, resembling tiny spiders on a web. With its graceful foliage and low maintenance requirements, the spider plant is a popular choice for beginner gardeners.


Experienced indoor gardeners will find a carefully curated selection of houseplants that goes beyond what you would typically find in the big home and garden centers. Inventory changes frequently, but we can guarantee there will be something new to add to your collection.

Peperomia is a broad species of houseplants known for their compact size and ornamental foliage. With their thick, succulent-like leaves and diverse textures, peperomias come in various shapes, colors, and patterns, making them a favorite choice among plant enthusiasts. These low-maintenance plants will tolerate a wide range of light conditions and require infrequent watering.
String of Pearls
String of Pearls ( Senecio rowleyanus) is a unique and captivating trailing succulent plant that resembles a string of green pearls cascading down its stems. Each pearl-like bead is actually a small, round, green leaf that stores water, allowing the plant to survive in dry conditions. Its trailing habit and distinctive appearance make it a popular choice for hanging baskets, shelves, or as a trailing accent in arrangements.
Orchids are exquisite and captivating flowering plants that belong to one of the largest and most diverse plant families on Earth. Known for their intricate blooms and stunning variety of colors and shapes, orchids are often associated with elegance and beauty. With specific care and attention orchids will thrive providing a touch of sophistication to any indoor space.


You know who you are. Some people collect jewelry or cars. You collect houseplants. We get you, because one of us is one of you. Below is a sampling of some of the specialty plants we have carried. Inventory in this collection changes regularly and typically does not remain in our care for long.

Monstera Thai Constellation
Monstera Thai Constellation is a visually striking and highly sought-after houseplant known for its large, heart-shaped leaves adorned with unique variegation. The variegation on the leaves features striking splashes and speckles of creamy white, giving them a celestial appearance. This rare and exotic plant is a showstopper that adds a touch of elegance and tropical vibes to any indoor space, making it a prized possession among plant enthusiasts and collectors.
Hoya, also known as the Wax Plant or Porcelain Flower, is a collectible houseplant beloved for its waxy, succulent-like leaves and clusters of delicate, star-shaped flowers. There are over 900 known species, cultivars, and hybrids of Hoya, featuring different traits and care requirements.

Meet Karen

Karen has been a fixture at the family store practically since she could walk. Being the youngest of the three siblings, she was eager to “work” at the store like her big brother and sister. So, at a young age she was awarded her first official job— sweeping the playhouse in the Garden Center. Over the years Karen’s responsibilities expanded to include tending to the greenhouses, the Garden Center, and the Pumpkintown concession. Today, she spends much of her time creating content for marketing and advertising and handling the banking for the business. But her real passion is houseplants, and following that passion, she has expanded the houseplant department of Paul’s and Sandy’s to a tropical oasis that has become a favorite shopping destination of indoor gardening enthusiasts.

Karen has two children, a daughter Lena, and son Derek. Lena and Derek both work at the store after school and during breaks.

When she’s off-duty Karen enjoys antiquing and thrift shopping with her family, and long relaxing motorcycle rides with her husband David.

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