The season is changing and so are things here at Paul’s & Sandy’s Too.

Our nursery has changed from flats of annuals and patio pots to mums and fall flowering perennials and shrubs.

Our mum crop is spectacular this year. We tried a new variety of mums that creates a husky plant mounded with buds and flowers.  We carry many colors including lavender, rust, white, yellow and more.  We also sell gorgeous ornamental cabbage or kale as some people call it.  The nice thing about the cabbage is that the cooler it gets outside, the more vibrant the colors become.

We have a great selection of shrubs and trees in stock.  Plus, perennial fall blooming sedum, which are absolutely gorgeous!!  Many people don’t know that fall is a great time of the year to plant. The days are relatively warm and the nights are cool  That is the perfect combination for strong root growth.

This is also a great time to think about next year.  Now is when to plant your bulbs for beautiful color next spring.  We have a variety of Daffodils, tulips, crocus and more.  Plan ahead, youll be glad you did!!

Being Pumpkintown U.S.A. we carry the largest selection of pumpkins, gourds, winter squash, cornstalks and everything that says fall.  Not to mention our Halloween shop with a huge selection of pumpkin carving and painting kits, decorations and fun toys for kids.

Pumpkintown is also the home of the one and only pumpkin mobile, a car in the shape of a pumpkin.  Plus the Pumpkintown convertible. View our Pumpkintown website at www.pumpkintown.com.

Our fruit stand is at its best this time of the year.  Overflowing with native apples like McIntosh, Cortland, and the very popular Macoun,  as well as native pears and native vegetables.  We carry a line of fruit and vegetable butters that are out of this world.  The selection includes pumpkin butter, peach butter, cherry butter, sweet potato butter and of course apple butter.